Options For Smile Makeover

Nobody would turn down the opportunity for a great smile. This is where a smile makeover is required at an established and experienced dentist clinic in Toronto. Smiles are very encouraging to viewers but poor oral health and crooked or missing teeth make it difficult for many to smile broadly. There could be a low self-esteem when the teeth are not properly positioned for a great smile.

But clinic in Toronto could change that quickly with the available cosmetic dentistry services offered by the qualified and experienced dental doctor.  A smile makeover procedure at this dentist clinic in Toronto works to boost self-confidence with a new zest to life. Many feel a more positive outlook on life, work and family with a smile makeover which is part of cosmetic dentistry.

A Professional Smile Makeover Clinic

A great smile makes a big difference in every facet of life where opportunities hinge on first impressions especially physical appearance. An experienced Toronto dentist is empathetic towards those requiring a great smile with white and straight teeth. There are various treatment options for the patient to enjoy flashing a great smile always.

These include:

  • Tooth whitening
  • Orthodontic procedure
  • Veneers and crowns
  • Bridges
  • Implants
  • Dentures

Options for a Smile Makeover

Tooth whitening is a very common dental procedure that is easily executed in a single session at an established Toronto dental clinic. The trained dentist cleanses the teeth to be significantly whiter and brighter using various cleansing elements that are safe and effective. Tested bleaching agents are administered by the qualified and skilled dentist to achieve the desired goal in one session.

Patients with crooked teeth may wish to consider orthodontic treatment as a smile makeover procedure which is administered by trained and experienced dentists. The crooked teeth are corrected to the right position for a better display and functioning. Orthodontic treatments could be applied to a single tooth or the entire mouth to align the teeth properly for a great smile.

Alternatively, braces could be chosen which are popular with the younger generation when the new set of teeth is still forming. Traditional brackets and wires of silver or tooth-colored could be attached to the teeth for a set period of time in pulling the teeth back to the straight alignment. Today, colored brackets are trendy among the young generation without the past awkwardness in wearing braces.

However, if cost is not an issue, consumers are resorting to Invisalign which is a revolutionary teeth-straightening treatment option. This is an almost invisible or clear aligner which is worn for a fortnight before switching to another set. This dental treatment offers fewer visits to the dentist clinic besides offering an easier way to keep the teeth clean. The absence of wires releases the common discomfort or pain in wearing braces.


Reputed Toronto dentists are highly familiar with the best smile makeover option for each patient to enjoy a winning smile. So, go for a smile makeover today!

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