Treatment with homeopathy

Homeopathy is a holistic way to treat diseases. It means that homeopathy cares for the overall health. In the orthodox medicine, the therapeutic effort is directed towards the treatment of established disease in the body. Click here to learn more.

The disease is classified as determined diagnosis, which is subject to treatment by the home doctor. It does not take into account the integrity of the health condition of the body or other symptoms that exist because they are different for each patient.

Most often when you go to a doctor and complain of some particular difficulty, for example difficulties associated with the heartbeat, the cardiovascular system. So using different tests the doctors will diagnose and then prescribe a drug that is aimed at treating the symptom that is the dominant in the case of heartbeat. In this way, for each diagnosis doctors prescribe one or more drugs, which the patient takes to get cured of the disease.

But if you compare more patients with the same diagnosis, you can conclude that despite the generally similar basic symptoms by which doctors set the diagnosis, different individuals have many other symptoms that vary from one patient to another. This among other things is because different individuals have very different physical and spiritual constitution, origin, education, work and life habits, etc.

Virtually every organism is unique and unrepeatable creation which differs from all others of the same species. Therefore, any medical method, which attempts to equate therapeutic approach by classifying diseases using diagnoseand using the same treatment for each individual who have the same diagnosis, will face enormous difficulties in the therapeutic approach, simply because every disease is special and unique.

Any patient with a multitude of symptoms is directly or indirectly related to the main diagnosis, but even if they have the same symptoms they may have a different diagnosis. If a doctor wants to cure these symptoms,then he is forced to prescribe more individual drugs. With time, as difficulties increase, the number of prescription medicines is growing, especially the elderly. It creates a state of so-called polypharmacy, and as such it is associated with numerous interactions and side effects of this combination therapy.

Very often, to avoid this situation the doctor is put in a position to ignore minor symptoms in the patient, which in some cases are numerous. But because each disease in humans is affecting the whole organism, it can be cured if all the symptoms are being treated. Hence the many shortcomings of this partial approach to the treatment of diseases. First, the simultaneous use of multiple medications is not always needed.

Furthermore, due to their chemical nature, the treatment is connected with many contraindications, toxicity, allergic reactions, mild and severe side effects during the treatment. The use of multiple drugs often leads to severe and unpredictable interactions between drugs in the body resulting in serious health consequences that are impossible to foresee. Special difficulty of this approach is the situation where alternate diminished or enhanced function of an organ and organ system (an example of this is a condition where the blood pressure is too high, or too low).

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