Couples therapy

Benefits of Couples Therapy

Good relations are hard to secure especially with Couples Therapy. There is a certain degree of intimacy with couples which make a relationship viable and long lasting. Hurting couples would break down trust and respect for one another which would destroy the many years of togetherness and happiness experienced. This is where special therapies should be engaged with responsive couples recognizing their relationship issues for improvement.

Couples Therapy by Ellen Starr

One of the effective therapies in Toronto is the Ellen Starr Therapy which is proven to be responsive to both partners in restoring the vibrancy in their relationship. Widely known as the Couples Therapy this therapy approach in Toronto is found to be effective in engaging both partners in a relationship with a more open response.


In such therapy sessions, the professional facilitator is usually a licensed therapist in Toronto with many years of experience and skilled in counselling couples on responsive relationships. The focus is on the couples to re-discover each other in a more dynamic and intriguing way that is attractive to be positively responsive.


However, there may also crop up negative incidences where unfavourable behaviour patterns take center-stage. Such situations could be difficult to handle and awkward for all parties in the session unless the trained Toronto therapist is quick and alert with pacifying words and solutions to ease the tension between the partners.


A professional Couples therapy session would have the partners explore common relationship concerns during scheduled talk therapy sessions. A sour or broken relationship that was previously intimate and secure would need some tender loving approaches to have opened communication channels for open discussions and understanding between the partners with the skilled therapist as mediator and facilitator.

Areas of Focus in Couples Therapy

There is a myriad of areas which a couple may bring to the table in a Couples Therapy. It is common for this type of therapy in Toronto to have more than one area of focus that must be addressed and resolved professionally. The solution must be viable and acceptable to both parties involved to be successful.

Nevertheless, there must be a high degree of empathy exercised towards each partner’s inner needs, expectations and feelings which may be doused with fears and reactions. The therapy allows a safe platform for both parties to express personal needs and identify fears directly in front of a professional therapist skilled in this area.

There may be some occasions of coping difficulties that involve anxiety depression addictions anger and mistrust besides illness and losses. It is important for the Toronto licensed therapist to facilitate the situation fairly without bias towards one or the other partner.

It may be necessary to address sexuality issues which may include loss of intimacy or low libido levels at different stages of aging experienced by the couple individually.


Couples in a relationship today need not fret over their stale or troubled relationship in silence with the availability of licensed therapist Toronto professionals offering their best services in couple therapy.

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